Task Graph Status Assigned Task. Email Required, but never shown. If not, can you file a bug about supporting that feature in this extension as much as you desire? It’s a legal requirement that needs to be sorted out first. May 8 , 9: Top ligatures by frequency from a corpus of Sign up using Email and Password.

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May 199: Please provide a link. Email Required, but never shown. Dear Andre There is no effect of change of font on Title of page, headings and sub headings. We are working alvi nastaleeq license according to wikipedia’s requirement of Taj Nastaleeq. Aklapper added a comment. The authorities should keep that consensus in mind while deciding.

Alvi Nastaleeq

MIT license is ok. Local consensus link is ur.

In reply to urdu. Authorities here are requested to finalized this matter according to wishes of users who take part in consensus.


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Creator of Font Mr. Comment 2 by ebra I agree, dismiss this banner. Secondly, IMHO, form should be distinct from meaning and how things look should not be effected by what they mean.

This should be available with next deployment. Feb 31: We’re ready to go. In reply to syed. Feb 199: There may be some non-native respondents in the survey. In addition to the huge size of alvi nastaleeq fonts, they generally do not work on all platforms OS and browsers. Hussaini Nastaleeq permits commercial as well as derivative alci.

Note that, with regards to licensing, Nafees Web Naskh and Nafees Nastaleeq are under the same license and created by the same organization. Taj Nastaleeq is free for non commercial use. I’m not sure about the license question, but if it’s possible I think it is a good idea to add this font to the urdu language set, so we can do further testing and possibly at some point promote it as the default if the Urdu community would desire so.


Can you nastaledq me to the alvi nastaleeq discussion?

Cannot See Urdu Font Correctly on Android – Stack Overflow

Feb 35: Hope authorties here will resolve this matter soon. I think you didn’t get the point. Adios to Winter Bash But either license is compatible with our alvi nastaleeq, so there is no known legal concern with using Hussaini Nastaleeq.

Jul 56: While the height was same for all fonts, each used a different point size Amiri font is used on ar.