Rachel tearfully tells Finn that she loves him so much. I’m moving to New York to chase my dreams with her and my gay stepbrother. I don’t know who that is. Are you breaking up with me? Last scene of the season and we’ve got forty one minutes to finish it. The Music, The Graduation Album. You know, when I first laid eyes on you, Q, I thought you reminded me of a young Sue Sylvester, but looking at this amazing woman sitting across from me right now, I realize I was wrong.

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On August 6,co-creator Ryan Murphy uploaded a deleted scene from this episode to YouTube in which Kurt reads a message Rachel wrote in his yearbook.

But I-I wanted you to know the truth before you left, so You are so much cooler gles I glee s3e22 thought you were. When she was eight, she went trick-or-treating as Uncle Jesse on Full House.

Maybe what you’re really upset about is that you’re compromising on your husband. I am that sure you’re something special. As Santana cleans her glee s3e22 out, Maribel gives her money that she had saved for her to go to college.


Glee s03e22 Episode Script

This is happening right now, Kurt. I kind of want to wait. And will Rachel be saying goodbye to just McKinley? Oh, didn’t gkee hear? Sue Sylvester Jayma Mays Retrieved May 26, Kurt and Blaine Glee s3e22 Criss pledge to remain a couple, despite being in different cities in the fall.

Glee – Season 3, episode 22

You still get your Brownie patch for glee s3e22 to help a loser glee s3e22 something. Brittany, I understand you got into Purdue University? I care that my baby’s happy.

I don’t see how that’s possible, but thank you. Later, Quinn returns her cheerleading uniform to Sue Jane Lynchand the two have a tearful farewell.

But McKinley has made me a stronger, more socially conscious, fashion-forward person. HollywoodLife has video of Finn chasing the train as it pulls away. But you don’t want a person in w3e22 life that doesn’t support your dreams.

Glee S3E22 | Flickr

Retrieved May 11, Why are you pretending that this is okay? That’s quite an accomplishment for a pregnant woman who’s ass is so old she went to high school with Moses. I would have never given my glee s3e22 to this guy. Jane on filming her last scene with Dianna Agro n: Mercedes Jones Naya Rivera This is your glee club. Retrieved May 18, But I don’t feel that way.


GleeS3E22_ | Glee S3E22 | Mike Ownby | Flickr

Carole brings out Finn’s gown and they talk about how he feels glee s3e22 about gglee being able to get his father an honorable discharge. Who would have thought I’d end my McKinley days where I started back on top? I got a good feeling about it. That was the most ghetto number I have ever seen.

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