What pushed you down this road? From that point forward, we just made the magic happen. In any situation, it is going to have its ups and downs, not even just on a musical level. That too kind of came natural. Bipolar Rico , who is also a friend of mine, were in the studio. How about a present that you are really hoping to receive? It was so dead [in the industry before] and everybody was just trying to break in one female.

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I want to die a legend. That has to count for something. While it is clear that male artists are dominating the mainstream waves still, there was a time when women had a far more significant presence in the industry.

Lee Mazin Talks the Art of Rap, Gender Equality and the Importance of Interacting With an Audience

I wrote poems and stories, and I still write a lot even though I do music. The genre calls for more than rhyming lyrics, MCing, and a somewhat catchy beat.

If you could predict where you will be musically in 10 years, where would that be? I want to be recognized for not only rapping, but also singing and acting. Will we see you mixing styles together during live performances and in upcoming songs and albums? It is up to the performer to draw on that energy and take it to further heights.


What pushed you down this road?

New Video: Yesterday – Lee Mazin Ft. Lil Snupe #DreamChasers #RIPLilSnupe #W2TM

Honestly, you just have to go in it and not look at it as a male-dominant profession, like with sports. The anticipation and buzz builds as fans await kee favorite performer.

They changed the way of music and redefined rap. Well, me, my friend Mario and the producer Mr. I could talk about what we were lee mazin ft lil snupe yesterday to do that day or we would joke around with each other. Yes, it is, thank you! She credits most of her confidence to the support she was given by her mother since day one. It almost feels electric. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of GALO Magazine LLC.

I have a club attendance and my mom is actually coming to L. And the simplicity of the video made those feelings even stronger. Inin an interview with MTVyou said that being the only female came with pluses and minuses. Could you discuss what this song maxin about and how it came to manifest? I personally write journals, stories, and just all of that type of stuff.

It is all a part of the creative mind. There are just so many female [rappers] emerging. And why did you choose to go with a more modest video when the words and music are so powerful — was it to give them even more significance and spotlight? Well, I actually have a private dinner set up.


Your range is actually quite impressive. I just want to empower people to know that they can do and achieve whatever they want.

WhatevaOK “Lee Mazin ft Lil Snupe “Yesterday”

How do you typically engage the audience and what is your favorite part about live performances? I want to be, no will be, a Grammy awarded artist. I write ct lot and I even have some songs that I sing straight through. I do think there is more gender equality, but at the same time, there is still an upkeeping that we females have to keep.

Some of enupe may not make it all the way to mainstream, but they are getting closer and more aware, especially females in hip-hop. However, that is only half of the recipe.