Liability Clause It is clearly written in the memorandum that the liability of the shareholders is limited or unlimited. In company, share capital means the amount contributed by the shareholders. Individual Values and Codes begin when we are children and are further developed throughout our life. Finally, socio cultural factors influence the way workers in a society feel about their jobs and organizations. Number of Partners In partnership there should be at least two partners.

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It should be paid to the management of the firm. Reviewer A good businessman has to review his mistakes, mgt30 he committed in the past, and try his best never to do it again in his life.

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Outsourcing —Strategy of paying suppliers and distributors to perform certain business processes or to provide needed materials or resources ii. Finally, socio cultural factors influence the way workers mgt301 handouts a society feel about their jobs and organizations. Flexibility It is flexible business and partners can change their business policies with the mutual hndouts at any time.

Saving in Taxes The tax rates are very mgt3301 on sole proprietorship because it is imposed on the income of single person. Operational plans —plans setting short-term targets for daily, weekly, or monthly performance d.

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Expansion of Business A joint stock company sells the shares, mgt301 handouts and bond s on large scale. Insolvency Insolvency of all the partners or any one partner may become the cause of compulsory dissolution.


Lack of Mgt301 handouts Confidence The public shows less confidence in this type of business organization because there is no legal registration to control and wind up the business. The motto of a society is self help, without dependence on other business units. Dealing Bank The name of dealing bank should be written in it.

Limited Partner There is at least one partner who has limited liability.

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Articles are responsible for the good conduct of the whole management. Saving in Legal Expenses As there mgt301 handouts no legal restrictions for the formation of sole proprietorship so it helps in increasing savings as legal expenses are reduced. So, the business secrecy remains within partners. Frozen Investment It is easy to invest money in partnership but very difficult to withdraw it. He mgt301 handouts keep in touch with the business world.

Quick decision of a businessman mgt301 handouts an important asset of businessman. In case of loss, the private property of the partners is also used up to pay the business debts.

Share capital and its division into different types 2. There is a separate partnership act for it. Recycling —the re-conversion of waste materials into useful products—has become an issue not only for municipal and state governments but also for many companies engaged in high- waste activities.

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Viral Marketing —Strategy of using the Internet and word-of-mouth marketing to spread product information. Right of share in Profits All the partners are entitled to share the profits of the firm equally.


There is no question to his decisions or actions. Strategic plans —plans reflecting decisions about resource allocations, company priorities, and steps needed to meet strategic goals 2. Use of Property It is the duty of a partner that he must mgt301 handouts use the property of the firm for his personal interest or benefit.

We at the Gatton Handiuts of Business and Economics feel that it is important to introduce our students to business research.

In the beginning the mgt301 handouts must be low. Operations Managers —managers jgt301 for the mgt301 handouts system, inventory and inventory control, and quality control. It has entirely different organizational structure from sole proprietorship and partnership. These societies handoutss goods directly from the producers for members and provide them on wholesale rate to society members.

MCM – Globalization of Media. These goods are supplied to the people. Although many people associate technology with manufacturing, it is also a significant force in the service sector. Using various formats—games, contests, chat rooms, and bulletin boards—marketers encourage potential customers to try out products and tell other people about them.