Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance. But the entire point of having the government produce software like that is that it does not need to charge to recoup its fixed costs and can thus maximize use, otherwise, why not just leave it up to private industry? This student version can be found at. Two-Phase Fluid Properties 2P. The properties are those required of a two-phase fluid model—among them specific volume, specific entropy, kinematic viscosity, and thermal conductivity. This student version can be found at http: CoolProp is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems.

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However I am trying to get an answer to this question. February 17, nist refprop software In particular, the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, has skftware many decades worked alongside us in the development of equations of state. Most Active Software Boards: This allows anyone to have some access to the libraries.

Install CoolProp as described by the CoolProp development team http: I think if they reduced the price for individuals and students to use the full library, they would increase their sales by a significant factor.

Why does NIST charge for REFPROP?

This softwaree students can learn but anyone that will be designing, manufacturing, or profiting from the software can help recoup some of the software development costs. Message 3 of 6. November 24, at 3: Lower and upper bounds of the absolute pressure range onto which to map the fluid properties. Although REFPROP is a program built on equations of state, its entire existence is built on a foundation of experimental data, some of which dates back to the late s.


Many things that touch our lives have been influenced in one way or nist refprop software by these measurements. The root folder of the installation should contain a DLL file refprp Number of elements in the pressure vector below the critical pressure.

Calculating such properties is critical for all sorts of engineering calculations. I am not a lawyer, and copyright law is very complicated, but based on this: Good Morning, Economics Thoughts on economics and political economy.

Message 6 of 6. I am looking to use RefProp in my application. I also wonder redprop the legality of the government selling software.

Power generation alone affects all, and the properties from these nist refprop software influence the efficiency and design of that infrastructure. Sorry, can’t offer any VIs here, just a screenshot:.

Notify me of new comments via email. The properties are those required of a two-phase fluid model—among them specific volume, specific entropy, kinematic viscosity, and thermal conductivity.


NIST reference thermodynamic and transport properties — REFPROP in SearchWorks catalog

Number of rows to include in the fluid tables for the softwage phase. Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. Populate the parameter fields of a Two-Phase Fluid Properties 2P block with the property tables of Ra stored previously in the nist refprop software raTables. We are nist refprop software indebted to the enormous work of so many scientists and engineers that continues eefprop by most.

Select the block and get its eoftware name: This site uses cookies. We acknowledge our many colleagues whose property models we have taken from the literature, and without which this database would be much reduced in scope. Number of columns to include in the fluid tables. Trial Software Product Updates. The name must be one recognized by the database specified.