A NonLinear Educating Company. NodeBeat is now built for iPads too in full resolution! NodeBeat now has drums! Updated for iOS Fun and portable app that helps you create music by linking several visual elements using the drag-and-drop support, suitable especially for rookies. NodeBeat displays colorful circles which can be moved to any area of the working environment using the drag-and-drop support. Feb 6th, Freeware.

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The interface is very clearly and nodebeat laid out, inviting all to explore. NodeBeat is a Flash -based audio software application whose purpose is to help you create music in a fun and interactive way. Audio is your nodebeah daily resource covering the latest nodebeat, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers.

Review: NodeBeat and NodeBeat HD for iPhone and iPad

Discover your musical genius with NodeBeat! For the price cannot go wrong. One of five different octaves can be chosen, and any key can be set. If you’re enjoying NodeBeat, please help nodebfat giving a kind review in the AppStore. A basic mixer would also be nodebeat. The Record menu options.

Updated for nodeneat Please help by nodebeat a kind rating and review. Hence, NodeBeat becomes nodebeat one of a kind controller with incredible creative potential! The utility is far from being an audio synthesizer but it allows less experienced users or children to play while creating music using different visual nodebeat. Each menu option in General Settings offers additional options for deeper exploration and variation, optimizing user experience.


Nodebeat update your reviews and ratings for the new version — it nodebeat helps! If it all gets too much, as it inevitably does, just plug in your earphones and sculpt some sounds by moving around the nodes on the screen, simply making music and letting the ambient chimes wash over you. You can get lost in this ambient world for hours if you nodebeat just into playing at home, but if you are part of the nodebeat wave of live performers that are using iOS devices for live performances then you too should grab this app!

Uptempo ambient for headphones at work. NodeBeat gives noeebeat the possibility to nodegeat the number of notes that are displayed on the screen, link the same note to different generators at the same time, adjust the note length, as well as change the size of the lines used for connecting the notes to the generators.

Options to make your own music, record and share OR simply let it play on its own in the background. A child lock and sleep timer are also included. Seth Sandler, Justin Windle, and Laurence Muller have teamed up to create a nodebeat organic, entertaining and easy to use music making app that can keep users of any level of ability and experience engaged for hours. NodeBeat starts nodebeat immediately upon opening it up, thereby allowing the user to see the basic concept behind the way sound is produced with the app.


Fun and portable app that helps you create music by linking several visual elements using the drag-and-drop support, suitable especially for rookies. Been using nodebeat for more than a year and the more I explore its capabilities, the more I’m impressed. Please help by updating your rating and review.

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The four basic waveforms at the top of the Audio menu can be altered via attack, decay, nodebeat release. Design “Relaxing and Fun. It nodebeat be a nice addition to see the ability to assign each Generator, as well as the Keyboard, its own audio settings.

The Rhythm menu contains a tempo slider, with nodebeat range from 50 to BPM. Until your boss tells you to stop messing around and get back to work, that is.

Twenty-three different scale nofebeat nodebeat available, which include the expected, as well as some more exotic ones. We also made it easier to move the smaller nodes around. NodeBeat will continue to play nodebeat the background with an option of turning this off. NodeBeat projects can be saved, and the app comes packaged with seven different projects pre-saved for you to reference, or mangle if you wish.