Both her explanations and her struggles are so weak and ineffectual that one can almost forgive him the mistake. If you ever think some character is going to be unawful and unboring you can think again, because I promise you they will turn out to be awful and boring in the end. There is absolutely nothing you can do to make him seem like a good guy. Quotes from The Flame and the Marry Me by Sundown.

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And the clean, evocative beauty of this sentence, which describes Brandon’s ship as it makes its way to the Americas, is enough to make any writer kathleej any genre weep with envy: I’d rather she called a spade a spade, and showed Brandon as a more kindly slaveowner.

Her eyes shone and her smile was quick and easy. This made me wonder if romance writers aren’t missing some vital component of “growing the market” in our efforts to be more politically correct by prematurely aging the heroines in our historical romances. I actually enjoyed reading Brandon’s dominating ways and The flame and the flower by kathleen woodiwiss bodice-ripping adventures.

It just wasn’t entirely my cup of tea. The book was published inright on the heels of the Civil Rights Era, so I found it so terribly convenient that Brandon and several of the other white characters were such forward thinking people as to be opposed to slavery, in spite of the setting in South Carolina in I liked Jeff a whole lot more than Brandon and think he’ll make a great hero, so I’m really looking forward to reading his stories.


But they have all glommed together. Other books in the series. And from this point on for many months the length of a pregnancy and then some they both run hot and cold, lusting after each other, yet both believing the other kzthleen no desire to share a bed, having little tender moments amid exasperated all out yelling at each other moments.

Christopher Nicoleauthor of the Caribee of the Hiltons series, is one of these authors, and so is Lance Hornerauthor of the Falconhurst series.

They should be very submissive, subservient, and fhe. Mind you, the first two groups obviously fall under the categories of ‘Jealous Women’ and ‘Evil Rapist Men’. This child-woman is totally defined wooduwiss her beauty.


The heroine was disappointing to first she was this whimpering coward and where I felt disappointed was that she sold his mother’s jewellery to keep her secret View all 20 comments.

Heather manages to escape with her virginity intact by making Uncle William “fall on a knife” deadstill clad in the revealing gown he put her in, and the servant to a rich and arrogant sailor spies her foower around the docks. Solo voy a decir que empieza mal, parece que mejora, pero no acaba de hacerlo Jan 20, Bubu rated it did not like it Shelves: He’s not perfect, but he was a good man and he really did show his love for Heather as this story progressed. It made me wince, more than a few times.

He decides she’ll foame his mistress and will come to love it once he showers her with material things and gives her servants, etc.


I really enjoyed Shanna’s story, protagonists flake flowery language. While Brandon is becoming a hero worth having, Heather completes her own satisfying personal journey.

Desert Isle Keeper

The Designs of Lord Randolph Flwer. Since The Flame and the Flower gave women their first chance to read about sex outside of the context of male pornography, I was amazed to realize how few sex scenes there actually are in the book.

I love it when you rant. The aunt treated her no better than a servant, so essentially she was a Cinderella-type heroine.

Fuck you, The Flame and the Flower – Reading the End

The Lady Who Loved Him. One of my friends called this a handbook to having a relationship full of domestic violence, and I have to say that I agree with that sentiment.

Heather finds her spirit while Brandon loses his heart. Falling from His Grace. She even had a few other choice words for him, which were exactly what I’d been thinking.

The Flame and the Flower

What she wants is completely irrelevant. But at least neither of them pretend it didn’t happen. He doesn’t want any man near her, and was about to go crazy when the men were fawning over her at the ball they held.