There is a file named wrong, when you offer Katie to drink some whiskey. Great art, sexy girl, but a little too much pixel hunting. Wish there was a way to highlight “clickable” areas in these Virtual Date games as I can’t seem to find certain things in them, makes it frustrating as obviously you need to follow particular steps to get the correct endings. In the pool table kiss her and click on the lower area to remove her top then keep clicking until she removes her panties – Take her through the dining room and outside. Interesting game, although I never seem to get her to do anything other than sleep. I enjoyed this game and thought that the logic and the “unlocking” decisions were well thought out.

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Suggest she changes vdategames katie. I enjoyed this game and thought that the logic and the “unlocking” decisions were well thought out. Nite with Kelly 84 Dating. They could have made more of the Story though. What’s so different about this version?

Play Force One – Virtual Date – Katie erotic flash game

Alter the wardrobe to include a bikini. In order to help ensure email deliverability, we use a third party service which handles reputation, blacklisting, etc. Offer to wash her back.


I do wish that the Virtual Date games would let you know when you have reached a vdategamss end so that you would vdategames katie to start over.

Porn Game: vdategames Katie V20 Eng

Log in Already have an account? Sofa sex – Sit and talk on the sofa. Jun 5, Ask what she does for fun. Just offer a fishing rod vdxtegames teach him fishing! Nice graphics and game. Unfortunately over the past month we have gone over our plan limits, which is why you may have noticed you’re no longer receiving email from us. Just avoid this one as It’s not needed for any of the endings!!

The only thing it has going for it are the graphics which are a very high standard. I wish there would be an option to highlight the options you have on the screen, like “the gym” or “the physio” does vdategames katie. The idea of an interactive environment is interesting, but not really pulled off well enough. But always a lake of sounds in these games: But will still try to finish the game if i can.

I think I am missing vdategames katie steps, though. Though with the bedroom one in particular I notice even when following those steps latie never wears the bikini anyway, maybe this walkthrough was written for a particular version of the game?


I have seen more games that are much better to play. Also Katie is really hot. Dec 9, 29 katle Katie is so hot. Barn – Sit her by the fire to vdategames katie up – Sit and talk on the sofa. Very hard game but enjoyable! Aug 17, 17 I struggled with the game play, having to move my mouse all around to find the options.

Porn Game: vdategames – Virtual date Girls Katie 2 0

Encourage her to vdagegames as far as you can. Our plan quota doesn’t reset until 4th January, vdategames katie we’re looking at alternatives in the mean time. Other players have commented on this too. There is a file named wrong, when you offer Katie to drink some whiskey. Link for the game?